Do it.

The very idea that presupposes that,because you love a person,you are bound to accept any or all ill-treatment of yourself from them is a lie from the father of all lies.
It is precisely because you love a person that you will treat them as you ought to. As you,would like to be treated(I’m assuming,of course that most of us love ourselves and treat ourselves with respect and love). it is because of love you would say things to people you would like to be told.

God Himself demonstrates this. He loves us. He loved us even before we loved Him. Everything therefore, that He does is borne out of love.
Now, we are sinners,and by default, are unable to behave towards God in love as we ought to-sin itself precludes love, since by definition, sin means willfully offending someone.
Now, God will ALWAYS love us. Its His very nature. This very nature, though, also is Holiness. It is why He cannot stand sin. And because of this overwhelming love, He sent His son. To save us-from the folly of ourselves. To grant us the opportunity to access this love fully-and to give it back!
But, we have to ACCEPT it. Or we will not have love. Shikena.

So,back to my first paragraph, this is why ill treatment cannot be acceptable by any standards! Especially not on the so called premise of love! It is the reason-this warped, sick and twisted view of love, that there is so much pain in this world. People claiming to love when in actual fact, they are touting what they claim is this love. It is another twist from the father of all deceivers. Do NOT accept it! If you cannot find it in 1Cor 13, then,brother, it aint love.

Love, people. Really love. Kindness, Civility, Compassion,Respect for Dignity, Respect, period. Those are attributes. Everyone has the ability to receive it, and everyone can and should give it. I realise that this is a rather simplistic view of the whole thing- the world is rife with complexities of all sorts, and somehow, its difficult to accept the little simple things-they make you out to be less than sophisticated. But, do not allow yourself to be hoodwinked. love. Imitate it when you see it,if you must-this is,afterall  how we learn to walk, talk, drive, eat, by imitating what we see. and eventually,it becomes ours. Ingrained,so much so we feel like we never learned it at all. So it should be with Love.

Love. Just do it.


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