I’ve often heard people talk about how misunderstood they are. How nobody ever really gets them. How people talk bad and say untrue things about them, because they dont really understand them. Heck, i’ve said these very same things myself, in situations where ive heard negative stuff being said about me, by people I thought knew me.(dont ask). I’ve been told, time and time again that ignoring these people and these things is usually the best way to move forward, but if youve ever been in these shoes, where you know that things which are obviously untrue are being said about you, my dear, you and I know that it stings. Even worse when you have an inkling that something you said to a supposed friend or ally was taken out of context, ergo all the bad talk. It stings. Some more than others-point is, it sha And we have all been in these shoes, at one point or another, so we know how much it hurts.
Sooooooo, being misunderstood is now a sort of status symbol. I mean, people will always misunderstand others, right? Because people dont always have enough information. Even when they do, you can not really ever predict what a person does with information-how they understand it and/or disseminate it. So, it seems that, in a weird, twisted way, because people will always misunderstand you, its cool to be misunderstood( sure y’all are tired already of how many times ive used the word already :p. Patience, my people, patience. Im getting to my point-and its a really valid one. Trust me :))
Okay, but can we really say that, being misunderstood is entirely the fault of other people? Our actions will ALWAYS stand up for or against us, as will our words. Most people get to know us from the things we say, how we say them, and how we do things. I know that my sister is meticulous not because she is my sister, but because you can never meet an item of hers out of place. She is a neat freak. She didnt have to tell me that-I observed it from her actions.
Jesus was misunderstood. He was called a madman, a prophet, a man empowered by the prince of demons, even. People didnt get him. And I dont blame them- its easy for us present day Christians, who have had Christianity served up to us on a ‘relative’ platter, not to even think about eating someone’s flesh and drinking someone’s blood-which is what he told them to do! Think about it-would you willingly eat human flesh and drink human blood? How could he have talked so casually about destroying their temple-the symbol of their faith! A temple it took about 30 or so years to build? Yet this man talked about destroying the temple and restoring it in three days. THREE DAYS! What was he on about???
He healed the sick-then told them not to tell anyone. He spoke about God as His own personal father-to a people who, from their history, God was a consuming fire, a fearful presence, a person they SHOULD be afraid of, a person who struck someone dead because he reached out to help adjust the ark of the covenant when he thought it was falling. Imagine! Granted, he did other awesome things, like rescuing them from Egypt and all, but please! This was a fearful God! And this man came with his words about God being His father, and how He is the Son, and other such madness. Really?? Really?? Personally, ive come to believe that if I was in Jesus’ time, I would have been in the group who believed He was mad.
But He either had to have completely lost His marbles, or everything He said had to have been the absolute, undiluted truth. There was no middle ground for Jesus. You were either COMPLETELY for Him-Sold out in every possible way, or you were not. Period.
Which partly brings me to my point(haha!yes, I said partly! Patience…:;). The man could not be misunderstood to belong here. .He was misunderstood as everything else, but definitely Not Of This World. He was definitely something else, apart from ordinary. Because even being ‘mad’ isnt ordinary. Being a prophet isnt, either. And being a devil isnt. These three groups of people represent people with some sort of power(yes, try fighting with a mad man. You will be schooled). He was different. Period. Different from the prophets who walked in His day-and they were many. The man spoke with unshakeable authority. Charisma oozed out of Him. You could not listen to Him and remain the same. He left you feeling confused, angry, even, shaken to your very core. It all depended on what you did with these feelings. But you could not swat him away like a bothersome fly. You could not ignore Him-not for very long. Not in that time, and not in this, either.
Tomorrow, I’ll continue from here…(dodges shoe, slap and hot water) I just dont want to make y’all read for too long! Hehe..KIDDING!
Okay, continuing…
On Sunday, my perspective on the scripture where Jesus asked His disciples who people said He was forever altered-courtesy my priest(and the Holy Spirit).
Its a common enough scripture(Matthew 16v13-16,Mark 8v27-30, Luke 9v18-20,)-Jesus asked what the people were saying about Him. Most of us know that He wanted to know mostly what the disciples thought-and Simon Peter spoke up as inspired by the Holy Spirit on behalf of the other disciples, saying that He was(is) the Christ, the son of God. Bravo!
But do we also know, that He was asking for feedback? Yes. Feedback from the people He preached to. Yes. Feedback to know whether His words were causing any impact. Whether people were beginning to think differently. Feedback to know if He was passing across the message He came to bring-that He had come for the purpose of His Father, to liberate people from the bondage of sin, to bring the true way and truth and life, that He was a sacrifice for us.
Yes, he was asking for feedback because He CARED what people thought about Him. Yes! That word! Cared what people thought! Yes! He wanted to make sure that people KNEW who He was for. That He was shaking things up and not maintaining the status quo. Uh-huh.
Yes, He cared what people thought about Him. There, I said it.
And, yes, you should care what people think about you. There is the crux of my matter. You should care. And no, not because what they will say or think will always be good. But because, you want to know that the message you are preaching with your life is the right one. That you are being an ambassador for the right cause. And in case you dont know who an ambassador is, i’ll tell you.
Ambassador-The highest ranking diplomat who represents a State and is usually accredited to another sovereign state, or International organization.
Ambassadors are appointed.
And, let me tell you something, if you are Christian, you are appointed. To represent the State of Heaven, to the State of Earth.
And since they are two different states, that do not run on the same principles(as the state of Mali does not have the same principles as the state of Nigeria),your representation here on earth is all that people can and WILL see and work with. It is your representation that will give them a clue of what your Country(State) is about.
THIS is why you should care. This is why you should be concerned with what people think about you.
THIS is why you should care whether you are misunderstood.
People should not wonder if you are Christian. They should KNOW with absolute certainty.
And if they dont, you have work to do. We have work to do.
Who do people say YOU are?


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