sOmEtHiNg GoD cAnNoT dO.

When I was reading the story of the Exodus, one line was repeated in as many chapters-how God hardened Pharaoh’s heart against the Israelites. It begun to feel like God was so selfish and ‘glory-seeking’ that he continually hardened Pharaoh’s heart just so He could be shown to be the biggest boss there if that’s up for contesting). I mean, if God makes you do something, you really don’t have a choice…right? If God hardens your heart..its hardened..right?

In musing, though, I sort of got to thinking that Pharaoh just might have put himself in this situation. Truth is, God has ultimately given each and every single one of us this strange thing called free will-in all of His mightiness and His ability to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, The big, glorious, fire-spitting warrior God is UNABLE to (yes, I said God’s unable to do force us to love Him. Or force us to do anything, for that matter. Yes, its true. He loves us too much to even try to force anything upon us. That’s a decision that we have to take entirely by ourselves.

So, I say that, if Pharaoh decided that his heart wouldn’t be hardened, even God wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. #I’mJustSaying, and I stand to be corrected.God may have had to find another way to show off his ‘Who-ness’ is, it was up to Pharaoh for it not to be at the expense of him, his country, his chariots and his horsemen. Because, even in this same story, every time that Pharaoh made a show of ‘relenting’ and letting the Israelites go, he asked Moses to pray for him to his God to forgive him, and every time Moses did, God pardoned him. Every time. So basically, this was just a game to Pharaoh. Since this God will always forgive me every time I ask, he thought, then I can harden and un-harden my heart every time I want.

Most of us know how that particular story ended…If you don’t, I’ll be glad to direct you to The story of the parting of the red sea in Exodus-even google can tell you all about

There comes a time, when the choices made are final, even the ones made by not choosing.

In the end, the choice, then, really, is yours.


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