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Let’s Fight,Shall We?

Perhaps we should all just make a unanimous decision to start a civil war. I’m assuming we would be the first country to do that- Decide to go to war,before war makes the decision for us. Yes, let’s set up military posts, to register our men, 18 and above, to hurriedly train them in the art of war, to put weapons in their hands and give them free rein to their blood lusts. We have all the ingredients at hand-hatred, tribalism, ethnic violence, religious intolerance, jungle justice, unrest, and an abundance of ignorance, political ill will and greed. Did I neglect to mention shortage of food and water, shortage of light, lack of access to health and amenities, and most of all, a celebrated lack of patriotism that celebrates itself in blaming ‘the government’ for every single mishap, while absolving ourselves of our gross corruption-on every level? Yes, there’s that, too. Let’s bring it aaaaallllll together and concoct a wonderful war brew.

At least in this case, we would have mobile phones, cameras, ipads and mini’s-all kinds of media equipment made available to man. We have access to all the social media-facebook,twitter and the like would be set ablaze by the arguments and discourses for and against the war. We would have everything in pictures, videos and audio-nothing will be left to the imagination. This won’t be like the first civil war,where there were no records, no ‘official’ history of a war which has affected our country so deeply and has been left unspoken about, undocumented and un-taught in schools. A civil war whose various and varied accounts are, at best, full of emotions and hearsay,and mostly lacking in objectivity. A civil war which, when brought up, brings up incredible stores of vitriol and angst, because the right measures have not been put in place to address this issue properly, to cool the tempers of the aggrieved,and to help us, the children of the Nigeria after the civil war to understand,and avoid those same mistakes.
No, an elephant has lived in the room for as long as forever and the best everyone can do is ignore it. Those who have attempted to take up the herculean task of discussing it have been accused of varied crimes-attachment to the past, leaving those ‘sort of things’ as they are, and not wanting a unified Nigeria.


Perhaps, if we just agree, in one unified voice, to this, the Boko Haram insurgents, the suicide bombers, the looting and senseless killings,the violence and corruption and greed that seems so inherent in the nature of the ruling party and the populace, the general note of discordance that is so palpable in this so called ‘one Nigeria’ will end.

Let’s all agree to start a civil war, shall we? In unity and faith,for peace and progress, let’s come together,in one accord,to achieve something. Maybe at some point,hopefully not a point where we can’t return from, men will REALLY turn to God, and ACT, and not just sit down in Churches and/or Mosques and in their homes, pretending that they are advocates of one Nigeria while not really doing anything different(until,of course,the violence personally touches them or a member of their family) in their places of work or sphere of influence to stop corruption and injustice. Deceiving ourselves into thinking that if we don’t work in the government we can’t do anything in our own little area to cause Her to progress.

Let’s. Let’s blow up our military bases and riddle our houses and hospitals with bullets. Let’s raze down our settlements and blow up our government buildings. Let’s loot our markets and homes,and generally live in a lot more disorganised society than we already are. Let’s sacrifice whatever progress we’ve made as a democracy(whatever that represents in the Nigerian parlance) and go back to before square one. Let’s all live by the sword(guns,acid,bombs,machetes, whatever your sword is).

Let’s teach our children any and all forms of intolerance, and let’s educate them on how profitable prejudice is.

Maybe when this war comes,we will all heave collective sighs of relief.